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Audio VIdeo / Media Rooms

Mulit-Purposed Media Rooms | Clean Designs & Installations

In many homes the family room now doubles as the family media room.  Movies, television, music and gaming might all take place here.  So with all of these potential activities taking place it is more important than ever to have a company like Sounds Good helping you design a system that is easy to use and blends into your décor and room aesthetic.  

Wiring  •  Design  •  Equipment  •  Installations

TV Installations

Corner Mount, Wall Mount or in a lot of cases the television ends up positioned above the fireplace.  People always ask us if it is a problem mounting their television above a hot fire.  We have no problem mounting above a fireplace, especially if they have a large enough mantle.  It is always recommended that you monitor the heat coming out the fireplace and be logical about how much they expose their televisions to that heat.  With regards to the sizes of the televisions we recommend for installation above the fireplace we typically see 60inch models being mounted above the fireplace, however, the size of television you choose will be a personal choice based on budget and aesthetics.

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Speaker Options

When it comes to choosing speakers for a media room the options are truly endless.  At Sounds Good we offer bookshelf speakers in almost any colour, in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, sound bars, on-wall speakers, wireless speakers and even completely invisible speakers.  Sounds Good certainly has a set of speakers to fit ever Media Room décor, aesthetic and budget requirement.  At Sounds Good we believe that aesthetics play the largest role in choosing speakers in your media room.  We always say that our equipment should blend into your design and never sit on top of your design.

Subwoofer Placement

Every surround sound system requires a subwoofer.  A subwoofer is a small square box that provides the deep bass that really helps movies and music impact your emotions.  Sounds Good have almost as many subwoofer options as we have speaker options.  Small cubes in every colour you can imagine, in wall units and completely hidden options.  The big differences between the ranges of subwoofers we offer are the prices.  You will get the best value from the cube units we can hide in cabinets or under end tables.  In wall and completely hidden options will typically run about double the price but prove to be the best option when a clean look is desired.

Surround Speakers

You will need surround speakers if you want surround sound in your media room.  The best option for media rooms is typically in ceiling speakers.  Sounds Good can also offer in-wall, on-wall and invisible for this purpose.  There are also specific speakers made for surround sound like special effects speakers, dipole speakers and bipole speakers.  The determining factor will be budget and aesthetics. When properly set-up your front speakers, surround speakers and subwoofers can combine to provide an outstanding surround sound experience in your media room.

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