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Hi-Fi audio speakers, architectural speakers, Invisible speakers, subwoofers and home theatre speakers.

Speakers are the single most important aspect of your Hi-Fi system. They are what you spend all of your time interacting with. The selection of your speakers is what we at Sounds Good spend the most time on, and can make the biggest difference on how much you use your audio system.

There is nothing better than hearing your favorite song everywhere in your home. With speakers seamlessly installed into the ceiling, your home showcases an immersive experience. Now you can listen to music in your personal gym, home office or throughout each room in your home at the same time.

” Enjoy your listening experience. ”

Types Of Speakers

Sounds Good has a vast offering of speakers. Many of which are on display at out Oakville Experience Centre.  You can listen to Hi-Fi audio speakers, architectural speakers, Invisible speakers, subwoofers and home theatre speakers. All speakers are not created equally, and the experts at Sounds Good know the difference and can guide you into the right speakers for your unique application.

In-Wall / In Ceiling

In-Wall / In Ceiling

In-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers are a perfect solution when adding an audio element to your home. They seamlessly blend in with your home decor, without sitting on top of your rooms design. They can be used in any area of your house and can event be used for your home theatre surround sound systems. In-wall and In-ceiling speakers range in size and sound quality. We have a number of wonderful solutions for these types of speakers. Looking to keep your hallways ceiling clean and uncluttered – install pot light sized speakers in line with your existing pot lights. We even have some that have the full range sound of a tower speaker.

In-Wall / In Ceiling

Completely Invisible Speakers

With interior design being such a large part of the home experience, some people don’t want to see their speakers at all. This is not a problem at all Sounds Good have speakers that are completely invisible. These speakers are installed into the drywall and are patched and painted right over... they’re completely hidden. There are all a myriad of traditional and innovative in-ceiling speaker solution options for every application and budget.

Enjoy music everywhere in your home without seeing a single speaker!  

On-Wall Speakers

On wall speakers were never even a thought until the flat panel TV revolution and hanging the TV on the wall. Now a homeowner wanted to get everything off of the floor including the speakers. On wall speakers are built by each manufacturer to compliment your TV. On wall speakers are available in many sizes and styles to match your décor and television size. Check out the Angstrom Suono 600. You can even get your on wall speaker custom built to match your TV. Check out the James Loudspeaker SPL3LCR. Just tell us the make and model for your television and it is hand crafted in California from aircraft grade aluminum to perfectly match your TV width. Ask the experts at Sounds Good how on wall speakers can compliment your TV and your room décor.

Tower / Bookshelf Speakers

Tower and Bookshelf speakers have evolved a lot since the days of huge monster speakers that take up an entire room. With interior design being a driving force in the home, Tower and Bookshelf speaker manufacturers have had to slim down and pretty up. With that requirement came the need for more efficient materials and smaller cabinets in order to maintain sound quality. A properly chosen Tower or Bookshelf speaker can help to accentuate a room or blend into the decor. Come see the Silver2 bookshelf speakers from Monitor Audio to see how a medium sized speaker can look when matched with the room. Generally your best sound will come from a Tower or Bookshelf speaker. They are not held back by the need to be installed in or on a wall. Placement of the speaker can have a large effect on the sound of the speaker. The experts at Sounds Good can guide you into the right Tower or Bookshelf speaker to meet your needs. It could be in a home theatre system, or you could be changing your favourite music listening speakers, we have the right Tower or Bookshelf speakers for you.

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers have become increasingly popular in recent years with people putting a lot of attention on their landscaping. Outdoor speakers are designed with materials that are resistant to the elements. Outdoor speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Some can look like landscape lighting to blend into pathways. Some outdoor speakers are built to look like rocks. These blend in with bushes and plants. The most popular outdoor speakers are surface mounted and look like a bookshelf speaker. Sounds Good also has outdoor subwoofers to fill in that bottom end bass. Sounds Good is proud to provide some of the best sounding outdoor speaker options available. Come see the experts at Sounds Good to see how you can change how your backyard sounds.

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SONOS Wireless Speakers

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Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Start small or go big. There's a Sonos speaker that will fit any room in your home. 

To learn more visit our SONOS Page 

What are the right speakers for me? 

You can read about speaker until you’re blue in the face and nothing seems to make sense anymore. The only true way to know if you’ve chosen the right speakers for you is to listen to them. The experts at Sounds Good work with you, your specific application, and your unique needs to develop a speaker package that will blow you away every time you listen to them. Come in and listen to some of the speakers Sounds Good has to offer at our Experience Centre in Oakville, Ontario.  Learn About Completely Invisible Speakers!

Importance of a Subwoofer

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Feel the sound by adding a Subwoofer

Subwoofers fill in the deep bass of the audio system. The bass is what you feel when the movie jumps out and punches you in the chest. Subwoofers range drastically in sizes and price. The experts at Sounds Good can inform you about the right subwoofer for your specific room and budget. We offer a wide rage of unique product solutions in the subwoofer market.

Come by our Experience Centre in Oakville, Ontario and listen to the unbelievable subwoofers from Pro Audio Technologies and feel the difference!

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” Speakers for every Solution & Budget. ”