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Add Value to Your Home with a
Custom Designed & Installed Home Theatre! 

A luxury home theater system has each last detail planned to the last screw. Proper seating location, display elevations, and speaker locations all contribute to how you experience your entertainment.

Our team of expert designers and technicians take the dimensions of your room and specify the best products for the job. The result is a beautiful theater with the best of both worlds: aesthetics and performance.

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Sounds Good has been designing and installing custom home theatres for over 10 years.  We know that a properly designed and installed home theatre can be one of the best enhancements to a home.  Not only increasing the value of your home but also giving your family a great space for relaxing, entertaining and spending time together. When you work with Sounds Good you get the benefit of experience.  There are so many options out there, which are confusing and overwhelming. We can

Sounds Good tests all the products they recommend in advance to take the guess work out of designing the perfect home theatre for your space and budget. At Sounds Good designing and installing home theatres is our passion, not our job and we can’t wait to share that with you.

Home Theatre or Media Room?

When we talk about home theatres we are typically referring to a dedicated room that will allow you to completely control sound and light.  Typically there will be multiple rows of home theatre seating specifically oriented for best viewing of your theatre screen. 

When we talk about media rooms we are typically referring to having surround sound added to a living room, family room or open concept entertaining space in the basement. 

At Sounds Good we have many years of experience creating fantastic options for both dedicated home theatres and media rooms.  Whether its watching movies, sports, TV, playing video games or listening to your favourite music your overall experience is guaranteed to be enhanced in one or our designs.

” Enjoy the Ultimate Theatre Experience
in the Comfort of Your Own Home. ”


Aside from the first time your sit down in your new room with that bowl of popcorn, choosing equipment for most people, is one of the most exciting parts of the process.  How big will your screen be? How much do you want your sound system to rock?  What sources do we want?  All of these questions are answered by the amount of space and the amount of budget you have.  One thing to keep in mind is that sound will be the most important part of your system.  Even our most entry-level televisions and projectors offer great video quality, whereas, the differences between our entry-level speakers and amplifiers are drastic from our higher end models. 

When you work with the experts at Sounds Good you can be confident that you will be maximizing your budget and receiving the absolute best value for your dollar.

How big can my Screen be?  How big should it be?

At Sounds Good this is certainly one of our most popular questions we have to answer.  The truth is some organizations have attempted to come up with rules for screen size and viewing distance but we have found over the years personal preference and aesthetics play a more important role in this decision.  Sounds Good designers can help you with this decision and provide you with all of your options.

What is the Sounds Good Difference?

Every Sounds Good home theatre or media rooms include a smart remote control.  This remote control is custom programmed to fit your needs and give you powerful and simple control over your entire system.  We always say our system should be as easy to use as light switches and our custom programmed smart remotes help fulfill that promise.  When you sit down to relax and enjoy your system there should be no stress in figuring our how to turn it on or whether or not it will work or not.  With a Sounds Good smart remote you have the power to enjoy your entertainment NOW!

” Enjoy your Home Theatre with Family & Friends . ”