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Home Automation Systems

Minimize stress and Maximizing efficiency!  

Sounds Good designs, installs and programs two (2) home automation system exclusively;  g! System by Elan & Control4.

Over the years Sounds Good has had experience with all of the major home automation system companies, Crestron, Savant, RTI etc.  The reason we choose to work with Elan & Control4 exclusively is because we feel they have the most well rounded home automation product offerings combined with the best technical and warranty support in the business.  

” Protect your family, home & cottage; at home or away. ”
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Home & Cottage Automation System  

The Elan g! System offers three (3) home automation control processors (the main brains) that can fit the needs of a 400 square foot condo up to the needs of a 10,000 square foot home. For larger applications multiple processors are required. What really sets Elan apart from the competition is the fact that they test and support specific third party integration.  What that means to our customers is that we get systems installed faster and working faster because Elan has pre-tested all the systems and sub-system for compatibility. The second major benefit of the g! System is that Sounds Good can monitor the system for consistent performance and perform maintenance and updates from our office, ensuring your system is reliable and always current. The third major benefit for you, the user, is the user interface.  The Elan g! home automation system provides an interface that is consistent in appearance across all devices; iDevice, Android, handheld remote and wall mounted touch panels.  This makes the system extremely easy to learn and simple to use for years to come.

Automation adapts your home to your life! 

  Entertainment System Zones | TVs, Home Theatre, Golf Simulator...
  Smart Lighting | Simple Control, Clean Aesthetic, Improved Efficiency
  Motorized Shades / Blinds | Improved Efficiency & Security  
  Security System | Keep your Family Safe; at Home or Away
  Irrigation System Control | Monitor & Control your system remotely  
  Intercom / Paging System | Page Family Members / HD 

Custom Automation Programming | Specifically for YOU!

  Music Zones | Control and Play a different Source in each Zone  
  Climate Control | Automate Home/Cottage Temperature Control
  Door Locks | Monitor Access, Trigger Events, Receive Notifications
  HD Security Cameras | Deter Intruders & Remotely Monitor in HD
  Pool / Spa System Control | Monitor & Control your system remotely

” Protect your family, home & cottage; at home or away. ”

Full Control

Sounds Good can program your home automation system to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. Using a single button you can dim lights, close shades, lock doors, arm security, turn on some music, watch the big game or do all of these things at once!  With the g! System app you can control every system in your home and make better, more efficient use of your investments.

Never far from home

With the Elan g! Home Automation System you are never far from home.  Imagine being on vacation and checking your security cameras, making sure your doors are locked, unlocking your door for someone who needs access, arming or disarming security, or adjusting the heating or cooling!
The g! System makes this possible and easy so that you are never far from home.

Come try it out!

At Sounds Good we have two home automation systems on display for you to come and experience.  Elan g! & Control4.
Experience controlling lights, climate, music, TVs, home theatre, security system and cameras and even the motorized Lutron blinds with simplicity and ease all from the palm of your hand.  We can’t wait for you to experience 'the new normal'!