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Lighting • Shades • Security • Home Integration

A lot of people ask why we choose Lutron more often over any other brand for lighting, temperature control and shades.  The answer is simple, at Sounds Good we only want to work with the best companies that make the best products and who support those products if there is a problem.  Since 1961, Lutron has been inventing, and re-designing technology that save energy, reduces green house gas emissions and that make day to day life more predictable.  Lutron is a family run company that over the past 50 years patented over 250 products and manufactured over 15,000 products.

As one of the largest Lutron dealers in the area Sounds Good has the experience to design the perfect lighting system for your home.

Save Energy With Lutron! 

Lighting systems for new and existing homes

Total Home Control

As a stand-alone system or as part of a larger Smart Home Automation project Sounds Good chooses to use Lutron products and technology to take of the comfort considerations in your home.  Lutron gives us the ability to adjust lights, shades and temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home.  Lutron also allows us to give you control over daylight with motorized shades and blinds and electric lights with dimmers and switches.  All of these comforts are conveniently controlled by keypads sensors and smart mobile devices or fully automated for you by the professionals at Sounds Good.

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Benefits of Lutron

The hardware and equipment offered by Lutron allow the professionals at Sounds Good to:
1)   Add convenience to you daily life.  Outdoor lights and security lights inside the home can be pre-programmed to come on and off with the sunrise and sunset, 1 button press can turn on a path of lights to the location in the home you are heading towards or a motion sensor can turn lights on automatically when you enter a dark room or your hands are full.
2)   Create the right mood or ambience for a romantic night by the fire or a party with friends and family.  With one (1) button press, climate, lighting and blinds can automatically change to a preset position that you know creates the perfect atmosphere.
3)   Take full control of your home even when you are away.  Verify lights are on or off, adjust temperatures for away times and home times and create a WOW factor when you set one of your preset mood buttons to activate before you even arrive home.
4)   Save Energy with Lutron.  When you set Lutron dimmers to only even turn on to 75% max you actually save 20% energy.  In addition you can ensure no energy is ever wasted with All Off lighting buttons, Home and Away modes for temperature control, and automatic blinds or shades that keep you home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
5)   Added Security with Lutron. Lutron’s hardware and equipment let the professionals at Sounds Good offer some serious security benefits.  Indoor lights can be turned on and off at random times to make it appear that someone is home.  In the event of a security alarm we can set all the exterior light on the home to a flash mode so that emergency response can find the home quickly when they get to your street.

Add Lutron to your home ANY time!

Lutron is ideal for existing home and new construction homes.  Lutron’s line of products work primarily through a proprietary radio network that allows lighting, temperature control and shades/blinds to be added to your home at ANY time!

Lutron Control Fail Safe  

Lutron systems will continue to control your homes lights even if there is a problem with the Internet, Wi-Fi, Lutron processor or your Smart Home Automation system.  This fail safe ensures that you are never without light, unless the power is out!

” Lutron® Lighting Always Sets the Right Mood. ”