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You’ll Love our Process for Designing and Installing
Custom Solutions for you on-time and on-budget. 

In 2014, awarded the professionals at Sounds Good, with Best Home Automation Company for Hamilton/Halton and the GTA.  These two awards mean so much to us because the award is based on customer satisfaction.  At Sounds Good we do hundreds of small to medium jobs every year and we know we do outstanding work in those areas.  Being recognized in the area of Home Automation, which typically involves large-scale projects, made us feel very grateful for our skills and our amazing customers who take the time to praise our work. At Sounds Good we understand large scale, luxury and high-end projects because it is where we come from.  Before starting Sounds Good both owners worked for three (3) of the highest end Home Theatre, Music System and Smart Home companies in Canada.  We have worked on luxury 100-foot yachts, 10,000+ square foot homes and cottages and even boardrooms for Forbes top 10 richest companies. 

At Sounds Good we understand the special requirements of luxury homes, we understand the special needs of the homeowners but also, the builder, the architect, the interior designer and so on.  Our goal is always to make sure that everyone else’s time is easier and less stressful. It is also very important to us that we work together to make sure our systems equipment blends or even disappears into the overall design. 

” Project Organization is Essential. We can work directly with You or Your Trusted Trade Professionals. ”

Incredible Whole Home Solutions 

High Performance Theatres

True passion is required when delivering a high performance home theatre.  It’s not as easy as selling the highest end speakers, amplifiers and cables, you also need to be slightly obsessed!  You need to want to check every single option, every single feature, test, tweak and understand the options, bi-wire, bi-amp, efficiency and power.  From the first stud that gets installed considerations should have been made about building materials, sounds absorption, diffusion and control.  If you want to work true professionals with this level of commitment then you have come to the right place. Designing / specifying and installing home theatres and high performance home automation systems is one of the very special privileges of owning and running Sounds Good because it is our true passion. Our ultimate goal is giant smiles on the faces of our clients and their families that will last for a long time!

Luxury Home Automation

There are Smart Homes and then there are homes that are Automated.  Being able to log into your homes lighting or climate from anywhere in the world is very cool, but walking up to your front door and entering in your unique door lock code which systematically unlocks the doors, turns on the lights, puts on some music and turns the television to your favourite channel is amazing!
What about when you get up at night to use the washroom, would it be easier if your home knew it was after dark and turned your lights to 20% to help you get to the washroom? This is luxury home automation.

The professional at Sounds Good can execute this for you because we have tried and tested products, experience and expertise in programming these technical Home Automation Systems.  Our technicians live with the products they sell and are truly experts.  As much as they understand capabilities they also acknowledge limitations and this is the difference between functioning and something improving your lifestyle.  If you would like to learn more you should visit our experience centre in Oakville, Ontario.  We look forward to seeing you!

” Our ultimate goal is putting giant smiles on the faces of our clients and their families that will last for a long time! ”