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outdoor LIGHTING

Bring your outdoor space to life 
with the Perfect Outdoor Lighting design and installation

One thing is for sure, as Canadians, we love being outside.  There is nothing quite like a summer BBQ and having a couple of cold drinks!
We have tough winters so as soon as the temperature hits the teens we love spending as much time outside as possible.  Adding music is only one aspect to improving your outdoor living space; don't forget about Outdoor Lighting! 

Outdoor Lighting is one of the most effective ways to Transform your outdoor living space, and Extend the Amount of Time you Spend Outdoors! Accentuate the Landscape and Architecture of your home or cottage, and increase your overall safety & security...all with outdoor lighting!

At Sounds Good we exclusively design, sell and install Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting Systems. Coastal Source is not the cheapest option; It is the BEST option. Coastal Source is the ONLY outdoor Lighting system that features a lifetime warranty.  This means you can get lights installed outside with confidence that they will last and perform when needed.  When it comes to your outdoor lighting, speakers and entertainment we recommend having the experts at Sounds Good over to your home to design the perfect layout for your outdoor environment, one that provides a balanced amount of light and music throughout your space and one that does not disturb the neighbours!

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Architecture & Landscape Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are entertaining guests or just relaxing on your own, our outdoor lighting solutions extend the amount of time that you can use your outdoor living space. It bring life back to your landscape when the life of sun goes down. Start small or go all the way our system is completely scalable.

Transform your outdoor environments into the perfect getaway with our outdoor lighting solutions. Experience your outdoor living space in a whole new light; you'll wonder why you didn't add outdoor lighting sooner.

Increase Safety

Some elements of your outdoor space can be quite dangerous in the dark if they are not lit for you to see. Illuminating walking paths, stairs and entrance ways properly is a sure way to increase the safety of your family and friends when visiting you home. Not only does it save an unforeseen accident, it also allows you to show off different elements of your home wether it be Landscape or Architectural.

Increase Security

By adding Architectural Lighting to you home you will also increase your homes security. Increasing the visibility around you home at night is one of the most beneficial things that you can do to deter intruders. If they know they can be seen approaching or entering your property they will leave your home alone.

Exclusive Plug+Play Coastal Connector

Did you know? 
Connections are the #1 cause of failure in electrical systems.* (Source Rockwell Automation)
NOT ANY MORE with Coastal Source...Thanks to the patented Coastal Connector which is an industry first for landscape lighting. The Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting System utilizes marine-grade tinned wire that quickly forms an in-line connection with male and female waterproof connectors.

Outdoor lighting systems are installed in the elements; dirt, water, fertilizer, bugs and plant roots will find a way to infiltrate spliced connections. Typical outdoor lighting designs feature a few to a few dozen light fixtures. Fixtures are wired from the power source through a series of splices until all fixtures are connected. When wires are cut and spliced it is almost impossible to create an air-tight, waterproof connection. These connections expose wiring to moisture and corrosion - a big no-no for anything electrical. All Coastal Source outdoor landscape & architectural lights come with Coastal Connectors already installed. This allows an air and water tight connection every time! Simply plug and twist shut to form a waterproof seal that is impervious to the elements. 

Installations using Coastal Source outdoor lighting with the Coastal Connector also dramatically reduces the time of installation.

Want to add a few new fixtures, change the design or eliminate some? No problem. With Coastal Source outdoor lighting we can easily provide you with the best service for your outdoor lighting needs! 

Why Coastal Source Lighting? 

 Coastal Source outdoor landscape light fixtures are made completely of brass. Right down to the nuts, bolts and stake.
 Coastal Source outdoor landscape light fixtures are 100% sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris and bugs.
 Light bulbs eventually burn out and have to be replaced. The typical landscape light is so corroded within a matter of months that it cannot be opened. Not only do you need a new light bulb, you need an entirely new fixture. Not anymore.
 Exclusive patented Coastal Connector.
 Coastal Source outdoor landscape lights feature a fixed socket with mounting clips. From spot to flood, Coastal Source outdoor landscape lights are uniquely designed to provide maximum adjustability.
  Multiple O-rings provide a barrier to stop water, debris, bugs and other elements from getting inside the light fixture.
  Convex glass quickly dispels water and debris. Innovative drain allows water to run off the lens quickly.
 Standard or LED.
 Full system warranty—from the transformer through to the last fixture.
  Best of all, you aren’t throwing away a light fixture or entire system every few years. You are doing the earth and your wallet a huge favor.