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A Smart Home knows how you live and reacts accordingly,
providing you more time to relax and enjoy life! 

There are so many different smart home products available today, however it isn’t until these devices work together in one simple application, that you really experience the true magic of a smart home! 

From homes small to large, new and old, Sounds Good Smart Homes deliver power and performance in one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete, brilliant experiences — interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.
For Example...
With one simple button press you can... dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors or turn everything off on your way out the door. You can also check in on your smart home from anywhere you are.

It’s a smarter living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.  

Make life in your home a
Smarter Living Experience 



Eliminate multiple banks of switches, Single button touch events, astronomical events, Security strobe lighting, make your house appear occupied even while you're away...  

Smart Lighting isn't just smart, it’s brilliant.

CLimate Control

Thermostat Control, Temperature Monitoring, Climate / Shading Integration, Eco Modes, Fireplace Control...


Door Locks, Security Cameras, Intercom, Security Systems, Panic Mode, Door / Window Contacts, Motion Detectors, Glass Breaks, Weight Sensors, Water Shutoff, Garage Door Control, Doorbell, TeleDoorBell...


Family Rooms, Home Theatres, Golf Simulators, Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, TVs, Projectors & Screens, SONOS, Speakers, Turntables, Intercom...

Motorized Shades / Blinds

Smart Blinds are one of the best additions to your smart Home that you'll use everyday!  Roller Shades, Honeycombs, Wood Blinds, Horizontal Sheers,


Pool / Spa Control, Irrigation System Control, Speaker Systems, LED Outdoor Lighting...


Simplify each day with custom programmed single button events; Morning button - Turns on kitchen lights and TV to CP24; Goodnight turns off every light, locks doors and arms security.
It's one of the best ways to improve your overall Smart Home experience!


Receive instant notifications the moment someone enters your home; or something isn’t right, such as a pipe leaking, or your security system has triggered the alarm.

Easily view and manage door lock codes; grant or remove access to your home or cottage.


A Rock Solid Networking & Wi-Fi System is integrated into every Smart Home.

Your Home Network has quickly become the most important system in the home after the electrical wiring. 

System Controllers

The controller is the 'BRAIN' that connects all aspect of your Smart Home together for you to use and control with ease.

mobile app

Provides secure mobile access & control to your home, even while you’re away! Monitor security cameras, lock doors, adjust temperature, turn on / off lights and more from anywhere in the world with internet!

Service / maintenance 

Like all technology & robust computer systems a Smart Home system will require professional maintenance to ensure proper functionality, longevity and the best overall user experience!

What is a Smart Home?

A true smart home is a custom programmed system aligned to your lifestyle; where one simple action can trigger several elements to react based on your exact needs and wants.

We can have a multitude of systems feed information to each other that can improve the quality of life in your home.

For Example:

  Having your security system motion detectors turn on / off a specific path of lights
  A specific code is entered at your front door lock triggering specific lights and music to come on as you enter your home;
  Your smart home can monitor the temperature in a room and have the shades close before turing on the Air Conditioning and / or Shades open up before firing up the furnace.
  Your security contacts on your garage doors may tell the system that your garage is open, we can use that information to start a timer that can trigger a notification to be sent to your smart phone or play a recorded message throughout your homes entertainment speakers.

At Sounds Good we love improving the safety and efficiency of every home, but the real fun comes when your Smart Home system improves your entertainment and relaxation!  When a single touch of a button can activate music & video systems, dim lights and create the perfect mood or atmosphere which in the past would have taken several steps and a lot more time and effort - which may have lead to this never happening at all.

” Keep your family safe; at home or away. ”

Smart Home System Control  

When you think about a smart home you should think about the simplest, most obvious form of home control.  You’ve been using it your whole life, the light switch. The light switch is simple and reliable.  Simple and Reliable is the standard we hold to every single system we design and install.  Smart Home and Home Automation are the buzzwords that describe the multitude of home control options that are now available to almost everyone.  Whatever smart home systems and sub-systems you choose for your home we at Sounds Good believe they should be simple, make your life easier, safer, more fun and offer you energy savings.


  Entertainment System Zones | TVs, Home Theatre, Golf Simulator...
  Smart Lighting | Simple Control, Clean Aesthetic, Improved Efficiency
  Motorized Shades / Blinds | Improved Efficiency & Security  
  Security System | Keep your Family Safe; at Home or Away
  Irrigation System Control | Monitor & Control your system remotely  
  Intercom / Paging System | Page Family Members / HD 

Custom Automation Programming | Specifically for YOU!

  Music Zones | Control and Play a different Source in each Zone  
  Climate Control | Automate Home/Cottage Temperature Control
  Door Locks | Monitor Access, Trigger Events, Receive Notifications
  HD Security Cameras | Deter Intruders & Remotely Monitor in HD
  Pool / Spa System Control | Monitor & Control your system remotely

We are now in a technological age where almost every device in your home is capable of giving you enhanced control and feedback about what it is doing, what it has done and what it is going to do.  From traditional appliances like you heating & air conditioning and the security system to modern devices like lighting control, whole home music systems, cameras, pool and hot tub control, gate control, home theatre & television control, door locks, and your homes water supply.  While many of these systems are easy to control through there own respective apps a smart home system will tie all of these systems together into a single app, giving you full control of your home faster and allowing the different systems to work together and interact with each other.  The smart home system interaction is where things really get exciting!

The Control is in your hands!

In a well-designed Smart Home system you will be able to control every system and sub-system from your iDevice or Android.  You should be able to control these systems both in your home and from anywhere in the world.  The key is to also design the system so that the sub-systems (Lights, Heating/Air Conditioning, Security, Door Locks) can be controlled independently in the event of devices running out of battery power, power failure or in rare cases Smart Home processor failure.  Really good Smart Home companies will also be able to monitor your system for abnormalities and also reset the system and sub-systems remotely in over to minimize downtime and service calls.

Sounds Good designs, programs and installs the g! System by Elan & Control4. Smart Home Systems are very similar, their capabilities are very much the same. What will make or break your Smart Home is all about the companies installing them and their smart home system programmers.  
Sounds Good have been designing, installing and programming smart home systems with a proven track record of customer satisfaction!