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Bring your outdoor space to life
with Outdoor Speakers, TVs, Lighting Control & more  

One thing is for sure, as Canadians, we love being outside.  There is just nothing quite like a summer BBQ and having a couple of cold drinks!
We have tough winters so as soon as the temperature hits the teens we love spending as much time outside as possible.

At Sounds Good we have many options to make your outdoor experience even better.  The most basic option is a pair of permanently installed outdoor speakers.  We offer two (2) brands; one (1) that features a 10-year warranty and one (1) that features a lifetime warranty.  This means you can get speakers installed outside with confidence that they will last and perform when needed.  When it comes to your outdoor speakers and entertainment we recommend having the experts at Sounds Good over to your home to design the perfect layout for your outdoor environment, one that provides a balanced amount of music and lighting throughout your space and one that does not disturb the neighbours!

Outdoor Speakers

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor TVs & Theatres

” Enhance your outdoor living spaces. ”
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Outdoor Entertainment

Whether you are entertaining guests or just relaxing on your own, our outdoor solutions enhance your experience everywhere around your home. Immerse yourself with speakers that cover all areas of your grounds. Our hidden solutions will give you rich sound in a small area like a patio or a large area like your entire backyard.

Transform your outdoor environments into the perfect getaway with our outdoor video solutions. Experience high-definition sporting events, movies and television all while you bask in a well deserved Ontario Summer!

Outdoor Speakers

At Sounds Good we still recommend and sell more standard looking outdoor speakers than any other model. In black or white and in four (4) sizes these speakers represent the best sound and value your can get outdoors. That being said we also offer many different options in outdoor speakers. We have options that look like landscape lighting, rocks, planters, coconuts and subwoofers that we can burry to keep out of site. Our main concern is always to help you choose the perfect speakers that will blend with or disappear into your outdoor entertaining environment but still give you the best sound possible.


Just like in your home the music outside can be simply turned on from your iDevice or Anroid device for quick and easy access to your favorite music.  Even if you are just sitting outside for a morning coffee, getting the news or some music is not a hassle and will enrich your time spent outside.

Outdoor Televisions / Projector & Screens

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but having a television in your backyard is easier than ever.  There are a number of brands available that offer three (3) and four (4) season televisions for your outdoor entertainment.  The most amazing part is that these options are relatively affordable.  So whether you want to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs on your deck or sitting in your hot-tub; or maybe even have an outdoor family movie night throughout the summer, the experts at Sounds Good have great options for you!

Outdoor Lighting | LIFETIME WARRANTY 

Outdoor Lighting is one of the most effective ways to Transform your outdoor living space, and Extend the Amount of Time you Spend Outdoors! Accentuate the Landscape and Architecture of your home or cottage, and increase your overall safety & security...all with outdoor lighting!
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” Enjoy your Outdoor Space! ”