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whole home music systems

Enjoy Music Everywhere in Your Home; 
Listen to Whatever, Whenever you want to hear it!

Can we all agree that no matter what your mood or desired mood, music can help you get there and enrich your life.  Having music throughout your home is like adding a movie soundtrack to your life, and with online music services creating that perfect atmosphere is easier than ever. iDevices and Android devices have also made it easier than ever to choose and control the music you want in any or all the rooms in your home. The experts at Sounds Good can make it even easier by installing a six (6) button keypad in your most used music zones for single touch access to your favorite stations and full control over volume.

” Enhance the mood of each room in your home with a
Whole Home Music System. ”

Music Zones | Play the same music or
select different music for each zone  

Common Music Zones: 
     •  Kitchen
     •  Living Room / Dining Room
     •  Main Hall
     •  Master Bedroom
     •  Master Bathroom
     •  Guest Bathroom
     •  Whole Basement
     •  Basement Bar 
     •  Outdoor Patio / Deck  

Music Zones | Play the same music or
select different music for each zone  

All of the whole home music systems recommend by Sounds Good are primarily app based which means they are simple and familiar almost immediately. What makes them even more interesting is the fact that you can choose different music for different zones and rooms throughout the home. This means Mom can relax in the tub, while Dad listens to sports radio and the kids are having a dance party in the basement!
With zone control it is important that we discuss how you will use your system to determine how many speakers you would like per room and per zone. A separate zone is only needed when you want to control volume, turn specific speakers on/off and have different media playing. Zones can be custom configured to best suit your needs and system use.     

The experts at Sounds Good do not recommend or sell any products that they have not experienced and test first. In a lot of cases we will install demonstration systems at our most non-technical friends and family members homes, because if they can use it and enjoy it then we know everyone can!

What about all the wires?

There are three (3) ways to add music throughout your home.  Pre-Construction wiring gets all the wires in the perfect places for ease of use and acoustic performance. Post-Construction retro-fit will get your wires hidden, however speaker positions will be based on how much or how little damage you wish to repair on the drywall.  In 90% of the situation we can retrofit speakers wires through the walls with only two (2) square feet of drywall removed in the home.  The third option would be a wireless music system like Sonos or Heos.  Whichever whole home music system you choose all of the equipment will be hidden away, no wires will be visible and you will be able to fully control any room in the home from an app on your iDevice or Android.

Entertaining your friends!

Imagine being able to turn every zone in your music system on to party mode in a single button press.  Imagine using a music service like Spotify to put on your guests favorite song in less than 10 seconds.  Imagine lowering the volume in the whole home as the party wineds down, or turn the music up in the whole home as the party gets bumpin!  Best of all press one (1) button to turn the whole system and every room off before bed.  All of this is possible with a modern whole home music system.  What is even better is most of the music systems offered at Sounds Good give you the opportunity to add smart home features to your home now or in the future.  You might want to add some controllable light dimmers so the lights can be set to match the party mode button, or turn off with the all off command at the end of the night.  The possibilities are almost endless.

” Smart Homes keep your family safe; at home or away. ”