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FULL 360º SOUND | Experience the Magic of Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is the most exciting advancement in surround sound technology, perhaps ever! Dolby Atmos is a type of immersive or 3D surround sound technology that was first available in theatres in 2012 and has been growing in popularity and availability for home theatre since 2014.  There are 3 formats for immersive surround sound currently available; Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and Auro-3D.  If you have yet to experience one of these formats you must experience a demo before making any changes to your current surround sound set up or designing a new surround sound system.  The effect is dramatic and it makes any surround sound format you have heard previously pale in comparison.

Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio by introducing two important concepts to cinema sound: audio objects and overhead speakers. Together, these completely change how soundtracks are created and heard.

Learn what Immersive Sound is All About

Immersive Sounds Technology

Immersive Sound can be channel based, meaning the sound will be sent to a specific speaker or sequence of speakers, or it can be object-based, meaning the sound can be positioned in a specific place in the room and its speed and direction can be programmed.  Dolby Atmos is object based and will impact not only specific Dolby Atmos titles, but all of your existing Blu-Rays in a way you could never imagine. 

Dolby Atmos capable receivers have more processing power than any receiver before them. This is because every sound in the movie has spatial data attached to it, which lets the receiver know exactly where in the room to position the sound. This means that more than ever before, you will truly get what you pay for!

” Immersive Sound brings you into the Action. ”

Dolby Atmos – Setup 

The most basic Dolby Atmos set-up you would want to consider would be 5.1.2.  This means 3 speakers along the front of the room, 2 speakers on the rear walls,  2 speakers overhead and 1 subwoofer.  Dolby Atmos in the professional movie theatre typically maxes out at 128 speakers. Your home theatre set-up will max out, currently, at 7.4.4.  For Dolby Atmos to work properly, it is crucial that we have at least two (2) surround speakers in the wall in order to maintain the 3D dimensionality of sound sources.

The director of the film “Gravity”, Alfonso Cuaron, has gone on record to say that immersive surround from Dolby Atmos was important to the film as, “you can really explore the possibilities of depth and separation as never before.”

Dolby Atmos Demo Theatre Room in Oakville, ON.  

Dolby Atmos is a truly amazing listening experience.  Sounds Good has a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos demo room set-up at our showroom in Oakville, featuring an Integra Pre-Amp and Pro Audio Technology speakers , Subwoofers and amplifiers. 

Founded in 2004 by legendary speaker designer Paul Hales and Larry Reagan, Pro Audio Technology had a goal to bring professional style loudspeakers to the residential market. By combining the power and punch of professional PA speakers with the precession and clarity of residential speakers Pro Audio Technology quickly became highly sought after by many A-list movie stars, producers, directors and studio executives for their personal residential screening rooms.

If you want to experience home theatre and live music films like never ever before the only place you can do it in Canada is at Sounds Good in Oakville, Ontario. Sounds Good features the only 11 speaker, Dolby Atmos Home Theatre Demo Room in Canada and we are proud and excited to share this speaker technology with you! 
Come experience the difference.

” Immersive Sound brings you into the Action. ”